How to track offline Sales from Your Facebook Ad Account

One thing that is evident is that most small business owners aren't very good at tracking the return on investment with their social media efforts. 

If you have had trouble in the past as a restaurant owner in determining the ROI of your Facebook Ads this blog post was written specifically for you. 

First things First, let's do some basic restaurant calculations, what is the Life time value (LTV) of one customer for your restaurant? Let's get crystal clear on that. 

Why? Because if you don't know the value of one happy customer, then you really won't be capable of being aggressive with your advertisement because you don't know how much that custom brings you in recurring Revenue. 

Use this resource to calculate the LTV of one customer for your business: Life time Value

Let's say that you run a Facebook Ad, quite often you may just be boosting posts here and there. You most likely get stuck on Facebook Posts that yield what's known as Vanity Metrics: Likes, Comments, Shares. Something like this

Yes it's true, you do want people to comment on Your photos, posts and Adds.

Yes you do want people to actually share your content, all of that is great. But here's something that is better, wouldn't you love to actually know if it actually made an improvement within your business or not? Well turns out you can. 

It's actually quite easy to track purchases online. Let's say that you have an eCommerce website that sells wooden spoons. If you run a Facebook Ad on July 30th, and someone didn't buy until September 16th, you can actually track how much that July 30th Ad yielded you even though the person didn't purchase for over a month. 

 Most physical locations don't realize you can do this as well, by which I mean 98% of Brick and Mortar Locations don't know that they can actually do this.

And it actually is quite easy all you need is your POS system and your Business Facebook Ad account. 

  1. On your Business Ad account go to Business Settings
Business Settings

2. Watch the video below to create an Offline Event and custom audience and look alike audience

3. Run a Facebook Ad. For the sake of explanation lets say you run this Facebook ad on October 1st


And after one week here are your vanity metrics

4. On October 8th or at a time after the Ad is run and you have generated sales at your physical location generate a transaction report from your POS from the past week. Download as a CSV File

5. Upload that CSV file to your Offline Event on Facebook. Watch this video for help

6. Let Facebook match the data and find out how many people came into the business after seeing your Ad

If this was helpful, if you need additional help or feel like I missed something please ad a comment. I'll respond to them personally

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Chris Birns